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The 2020 Herculean Poetry Slam

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In celebration of National Poetry Month and to help combat the rigors of stay-at-home orders by introducing a bit of levity and fun, the 910th Airlift Wing is hosting a virtual poetry slam on our favorite subject: The venerable C-130H Hercules aircraft, and we want to showcase YOUR talent!


Pretty much everyone. We’re not picky. Facebook fan? Write a C-130 poem. 910th member? Write a C-130 poem. Homeschooling your kids for a few weeks? Teach them about poetry and encourage them to write a C-130 poem.


Submit your poems by April 30th.


Write an original poem in any style. Use the form below to submit your entry by April 30.


Whereas military regulations prohibit us from offering prizes of any actual monetary value, we will proudly feature our favorite poems in a video reading by 910th members who actually fly these mighty Hercs for a living! What could be better?

We will also feature a selection of our favorite poems on this page after the Herculean Poetry Slam concludes. 


By submitting a poem, you affirm the following:

  • The submission is my original work.
  • I have not granted anyone else any rights to use, distribute, publish, broadcast, or display the poem.
  • I irrevocably give the 910th Airlift Wing and its agents and contractors the right and permission to use, copy, alter, distribute, publish, broadcast, and display the poem that I have submitted.
  • I release and waive and agree to hold the 910th Airlift Wing, its agents, and its contractors harmless from any claims, damages, or liabilities resulting from their use of the poem and I agree not to bring any such claims against the released parties at any time in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, claims for violation of publicity rights and privacy rights, claims based on moral rights, claims for intrusion, claims for defamation, claims for fraud, claims for infliction of emotional distress, and claims for copyright or other intellectual property infringement, whether those claims may be based on statutes or the common law.

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