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910th Airlift Wing Commander Col. Joe Janik


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Happy 73rd, Air Force! The 910th is proud to be a part of this team and heritage.
Welcome to the 910th Maintenance Group, Lt. Col. Joe Winchester. #ReserveResilient #ReserveReady #910MXG
Swap that shot for the Herc's four fans of freedom and we have a place for you @910AW.
The 910th is #ReserveReady to hold the high ground.
Did you know the Air Force has a military personnel exchange program? #reserveready #reserveresilient
Working with the @914ARW to enhance training and mission readiness. #reserveready #reservereform #SafetyFirst
It's been an honor, sir.
The 910th is ready, sir.
Check out what cargo drops look like from the drop zone as our 76APS Port Dawgs collect the pallets and parachutes.
Communicating through crisis to keep our Airmen informed and combat-ready...
Interested in this type of work? Come talk to us. #ReserveReady
910th Maintenance fab flight adding to their toolbox to boost AF capabilities. #reservereform #reserveready
910th's online iRest program has grown across AFRC, helping bolster resiliency and well-being. Story at the link.
AF leaders continuing a critical conversation... Definitely worth watching.
"Lots of work to be done..." The chief said it, the 910th will honor it.
Our helping agencies are adapting to keep our Airmen resilient and ready during COVID-19. #reserveresilient
Last week, we flew over area hospitals to salute the medical workers keeping us #AmericaStrong. This video features…
We've got two Hercs in the sky to say "thank you" to our local medical providers and first responders for our secon…


Click here to visit the 910th Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Web page.

Eagle Eyes

Air Force OSI Eagle Eyes program.