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  • Parting thoughts from the 910th's command chief

    The year numbered 2020 Anno Domini invokes strong emotion with harsh descriptions, and all words are applicable: pandemic, devastation, pain, conflict, loss, hurt, injustice, fear, frustration and more. Upon my activation in mid-March for COVID-19 support, I witnessed first-hand the Youngstown Air Reserve Station stories of success that were later up-channeled to both Air Force Reserve Command and Headquarters Air Force.
  • “Opportunity” doesn’t call ahead, make sure you have a plan

    Read below for a great perspective on remaining Reserve Ready.When opportunity knocks, it usually doesn’t call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. At least it never did for me.For me, the opportunities came suddenly and out of nowhere. Whether it was making the transition from active duty to the Air Force Reserve, landing a position at Air
  • Pilot for a Day program leaves lasting impact

    Sixteen years ago, the 910th Airlift Wing hosted its first Pilot for a Day (PFAD) program. Since then, more than 60 children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses have come to Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio for a day of star-treatment in military fashion.
  • Beyond entertainment, the thunder is profound

    When I was about seven years old, my cousin and I climbed the ladder on the back of my grandparents' RV to get a better view of the Cleveland International Air Show. A photographer saw us perched there, binoculars to our eyes, enthusiasm on our faces, the American flag waving in the background (my grandpa, a prior Service member, made sure the
  • Knowledge, education key to success

    Have you ever stopped to think about the price of learning? Technical training in the civilian world can be expensive. Civilian trade schools can cost in upwards of $35,000. In the Air Force, learning is your job, so your education is free. Men and women who enlist in the Air Force today immediately begin receiving a paycheck, with benefits, to the
  • Contingency Skills Training prepares Airmen for deployment

    Last summer I had the opportunity to volunteer for a deployment as part of AEF 5/6. The AFRC/PA Resource Manager at the time gave me a chance to pick from a list of about a dozen deployment locations, but one stood out to me as a place where I could really test myself--as a military journalist, and as a mentor for younger Airmen. The location I