The 910th Airlift Wing hosts Feel the Heat in partnership with the American Red Cross to demonstrate emergency response capabilities.

Installation Tour Requests

Tour Rules

Only people whose information is submitted to us on the entry access request form and who have been properly vetted by our Security Force personnel will be given access to the installation on your tour date. Anyone whose name is not submitted to us in advance, or who has disqualifying information resulting from security background checks, will be denied entry.

Your group will be touring a secure military installation. All persons and vehicles will be subject to search at all times while on Youngstown Air Reserve Station, including the base visitor center. The following list is a sampling of prohibited items. These items may not be present on your person or within your vehicle during your visit to Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio. 

• Firearms of any kind (eg. hand guns, air pistols, rifles, shotguns, automatic or semi-automatic weapons)
• Ammunition of any kind
• Weapons of any kind (eg. bows and arrows, crossbows, sling shots, brass knuckles, nunchucks, clubs)
• Non-lethal weapons any kind (eg. TASERs or O.C. Pepper Spray)
• Knives of any kind
• Incendiary devices of any kind
• Explosive material of any kind
• Illegal drugs
• Alcohol
• Pets (except certified working dogs for disabled individuals)

Per Air Force instructions, tour groups must have at least 20 people due to the federal resources required to conduct a tour. Tours may have no more than 45 attendees due to base bussing limitations. 

Tour groups may select two tour locations from the list on the request form, but these tour stops are based on availability and may be changed with no notice to accommodate our mission. 

All adults attending the tour should have a valid form of government photo ID.

All tour guests driving to or on the installation must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance readily available. 

Tour groups have the option of having lunch at our Community Activities Center (CAC) at their own expense. Lunch must be arranged with the Public Affairs office prior to your tour date and paid for upon receipt of food unless advanced arrangements are made with the CAC to pay by invoice.

Your tour date is not booked until the 910th Airlift  Wing Public Affairs office has confirmed receipt of and accepted your tour request form. Please call our office after submitting your form to ensure receipt.
Tours will be scheduled with a minimum of two weeks notice to all supporting offices – unused tour dates will be closed by the PA Office at the two week deadline.

Tour Program

NOTICE: Due to restrictions in response to COVID-19, tour groups are limited to 10-20 people and mask wear is required while on DoD installations.

Do you have a class, Scout Troop, civic organization or other group that would like to visit Youngstown Air Reserve Station, walk through a C-130H Hercules aircraft and meet the Airmen of the 910th Airlift Wing?

To request a tour, please read the full process description below, then fill in and submit the request form.

Tour Request Process

Tour dates for 2022 are not yet available. Please use the form below if you'd like to discuss options for bringing your tour group to Youngstown Air Reserve Station for a tour in 2022. 

Here is the process for requesting a tour at Youngstown Air Reserve Station. Please read these instructions before submitting a request.

Step 1
No later than four weeks prior to requested tour date, fill out and submit the tour request form on this page. Available dates are listed in the drop down menu under "Requested Tour Date."

Step 2
30 minutes after submission, call the 910th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office at 330-609-1364 to confirm tour request receipt and approval. A Public Affairs representative will then email you additional instructions including an entry access request form.

Step 3
No later than two weeks prior to requested tour date, fill out the entry access request form and return it to the 910th AW/PA office. If the Public Affairs office does not receive this form prior to two weeks before your tour date, we will not be able to complete security requirements and will not be able to grant you access to the base for the tour. 

Step 4
Once sent, call 910AW/PA to confirm receipt of Entry Access Request Form. We are not responsible for forms that do not get to us, so it it is critical that you call us to confirm that we've have received the form no later than two weeks prior to your tour date. 

NOTE: All of our tour guests who are 18 and older must pass a background check to ensure they are able to enter a federal military installation. Any individual age 16 or older requesting access to the installation must bring a valid form of picture identification (federal, state, official student, or Passport). If the individual is unable to produce an official photo or identification card they will be denied access to the installation and not issued an access pass/badge.

Tour Requests


Tour dates for the 2022 season are not yet available, Please submit this form if you'd like to discuss options for bringing your group to Youngstown Air Reserve Station in 2022.