Communications reservists support Airmen at Aviano AB, Italy

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  • By Staff Sgt. Jim Brock
  • 910th Communications Flight
On July 6, the 910th Communications Flight, accompanied by members of the 910th Military Personnel Flight, boarded a KC-135R refueling jet here that had originated from Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind., for an annual tour deployment to Aviano Air Base, Italy. 

"We deployed as a group to not only train with our active duty counterparts, but also to offer our specialized skills to assist with ongoing projects at Aviano," said Capt. Randy Jones, commander of the 910th Communications Flight. 

One young Airman who said he got a lot out of the deployment was Senior Airman Mark Meyer, an Information Manager with the communications flight. "I received valuable experience on the job while I was providing customer service at Aviano's 31st Postal Center. We were at least twice as busy as home station, and the opportunity to provide assistance to customers really reinforced my job skills," he said. 

During their time overseas, members of the flight also assisted the 31st Communications Squadron with preparations for a mass implementation of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP.) This new system shifts voice communications away from traditional copper phone systems, converging voice and data networks. 

The 910th Visual Information Specialists collaborated with the 31st to capture the memorial service for a fallen member of the 31st Maintenance Squadron, who passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident two days after returning from a four-month deployment to Iraq. 

Youngstown Ground Radio Technicians worked with the 31st Communications Squadron and 603rd Air Control Squadron's (ACS) Radio maintenance shops, which was instrumental for providing specialized training to recent graduates from technical school. "Our current three levels were able to complete essential qualification training not available to them at home station, which will expedite their five-level upgrade training," Capt. Jones stated. 

The 910th Telephone Maintenance Systems personnel also worked along side the 603rd ACS at Aviano on the Basic Access Modules that provide portable phone and data networks within hours of set up. 910th Network Computers Personnel received valuable training operating the Prominus Multiplexor (a router for computer systems.) In addition, members of the 910 CF also aided the 401st Air Expeditionary Group in the processing and staging of unclassified documents from the Bosnian war. 

According to Capt. Jones, since the unit's UTCs were postured differently during Operation Enduring Freedom, as a whole they were not requested to deploy in support of the war. He said with the recent remissioning of the 910th CF and other AFRC Communications Units, the unit is now viable to the war fighter and will be necessary for future deployments and the skills expanded during this annual tour will positively impact the current mission readiness of the unit. 

"Overall, this tour was quite successful for us due to the valuable training and increased morale gained during the deployment," said Capt. Jones.
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