910th completes UCI and MSEP inspections

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  • By Master Sgt. Bryan Ripple
  • 910th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Although the 910th Airlift Wing is winding down from a four-year period of the largest number of mobilizations and deployments in the wing’s history, business at home station still had to go on as required. 

Common-core inspection programs such as the Government Purchase Card, Government Travel Card, and wing training programs have to be conducted in accordance with By-Law requirements and Air Force Instructions. Air Force personnel don’t get a break from these requirements just because of a high operations tempo.
In order to validate that its units are in compliance with these programs, as well as many other inspectable areas, the Air Force Reserve Inspector General schedules Unit Compliance Inspections and Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Program inspections at each of its units about every four years. 

An Air Force Reserve Inspector General team arrived here Oct. 31 to conduct a UCI for the 910th Airlift Wing and the AFRC LG team conducted the MSEP for the 910th Maintenance Group in order to validate that business has been conducted as required. 

The 910th Maintenance Group was the seventh unit inspected under the new AFRC MSEP procedures. The 910th Maintenance Squadron received an Excellent, and the 910th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron received the first Satisfactory rating of any Aircraft Maintenance Squadron in AFRC since new MSEP evaluation procedures were implemented. The Maintenance Group was rated Satisfactory in the major areas of Program Management and Evaluations. The MXG Training Program was rated excellent and identified as a benchmark during the MSEP outbrief. As part of the Program Management category, 1,952 checklist items were reviewed. In addition, 186 evaluations of actual work processes were performed during the inspection. 

“A lot of work went into the split priorities of the UCI, MSEP, deactivations, and hurricane relief support operations during the same period of time,” said Colonel Anna Schulte, maintenance group commander. “I’m very proud of our team here for being as prepared as they were. I thought the MSEP Team was thorough, but fair as well.” 

While there were discrepancies noted across the wing during the UCI, many superior performers were recognized by the IG team members for their efforts. Their names will be published as part of the final report when it’s issued. 

AFRC units no longer receive an overall grade as part of UCIs, but each inspected area is rated either Compliant, Compliant with Comments, or Non-Compliant. 

While briefing unit commanders about the IG team’s findings during the UCI, Col. Ian O’Connell, Chief, Inspection Division, Office of the Inspector General, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, reviewed the findings in each area. 

Although there were findings documented during the UCI, Colonel O’Connell was impressed with what he saw during the team’s visit to Youngstown. 

“Overall, the readiness of the 910th Airlift Wing is good,” said Colonel O’Connell. “This has been a busy wing and people are showing some signs of being tired, but it’s clearly evident that the mission continues in a very professional manner,” he said.
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