Preparing for the Future: Development Training Flight in action over training weekend

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  • By Senior Airman Will Brugge
  • 315th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The development and training flight was back in action this weekend at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, during the monthly unit training assembly.
After a potential recruit swears into the Air Force Reserve, they are placed into the development and training flight where they are taught customs, courtesies and history of the Air Force prior to shipping off to basic training.

“The 315th Airlift Wing development and training flight is designed to develop future airmen's knowledge, skills and ability to perform in a disciplined environment through rigorous physical and uncompromising mental challenges they will receive at Basic Military Training,” said Tech. Sgt. Jontae Patterson, the Development Training Flight coordinator here. “As applicants are sent from the recruiters to the development and training flight my role is to guide, and prepare them for these challenges. Being that I am their first supervisor—I act as the liaison and mentor for all of their needs by focusing on effective communication and integrity and excellence in all we do.”

The recruits started with basic drill movements taught by Patterson when they arrived on base Saturday morning, followed by physical training that involved both strength and cardio exercises.

Recruit Chase Donaldson, a high school senior at Calhoun County High School in St. Matthews, S. C. swore into the Air Force approximately three months ago and has been attending training with the development and training flight since that time.

“This program has been extremely helpful for me,” said Donaldson, who will train to become a member in the 315th Security Forces Squadron at Joint Base Charleston. “Tech. Sgt. Patterson makes sure that we are prepared and that we learn all the information we need to know to be successful for basic military training.”

While still relatively new to the Air Force Reserve, it was clear that Donaldson had retained the basic drill movements he had learned in previous months in the program and was able to help other recruits who lacked the same experience.

One of the newest members of the development and training flight, Dashantae Lanae Holderman, a college student at Coastal Carolina University, attended her first training weekend at Joint Base Charleston this weekend.

“This program really excites me,” said Holderman, who is going into personnel with the 315th Force Support Squadron here. “At first I was really nervous to start something like this, but Tech. Sgt. Patterson has really put me at ease by teaching me the basics.”

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Air Force Reserve, please call the 315th Airlift Wing recruiting office at 843-963-5364 or email

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