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  • Lift Off

  • After 28 years of service with three branches of the military, the crew chief of aircraft 92-3021, the 'Un-Touch-A-Bull' retires

    Master Sgt. Kenneth E. Calhoun, crew chief for aircraft 92-3021, also known as "Un-Touch-A-Bull," has worn three different uniforms during his 28-year military career. The one he wore during his Dec. 2 retirement ceremony here was Air Force blue with a chest full of military decorations honoring his various military accomplishments over the years.
  • Wing Safety Airman experiences his most memorable Thanksgiving

    For most people, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for their families, good health, friends, jobs, and countless other things with meaning to them. Many gather around their dining room tables at home for a big feast with all the family's favorite holiday trimmings. A lot of people spent the entire holiday season deployed a long way from home
  • The love lives on

    Senior Master Sgt. William A. Rooks Jr., well known as a pioneer of aerial spray maintenance, retired during a Dec. 2 ceremony here after an honorable 35-year career with the Air Force and Air Force Reserve. Sergeant Rooks was born in the southwestern Ohio town of Greenfield. His dad served in the Air Force during World War 11 as a radio operator
  • Oil's well that ends well

    Crossing below a horizon dotted with offshore oil rigs and cargo ships, an Air Force Reserve C-130 swoops down to just 100 feet above the water. It lines up on a bright green slick on the water and seconds later begins spraying a pink liquid from the aerial spray boom protruding from its rear paratroop doors. If this had been a real oil spill
  • 910th Civil Engineers "rough it" during annual bivouac

    About 25 reservists from the 910th Civil Engineer Squadron participated in the unit's annual bivouac training exercise during the September UTA. The event provided them with a training opportunity to put up two GP medium tents and a temper tent during camp setup.Some of the other training the unit members received included fire extinguishers, field