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Command Post and Cleveland Pops

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Noah J. Tancer
  • 910th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

“Present Arms!”

The voice echoes through the auditorium.

A four-person honor guard stands at center stage in Air Force blues.

The two outer members lower their rifles, and a third lowers the Air Force flag.

The U.S. flag remains high as the Cleveland Pops Orchestra begins to play the National Anthem.

It is the Fourth of July, and somewhere Staff Sgt. Michael Duniec is watching the Salute to the Troops event he has helped set up.

Duniec is a Reserve Citizen Airman. As a Reservist, he is an operations controller with the 910th Airlift Wing Command Post, and as a Civilian, he is the executive marketing assistant for the president of Cleveland Pops Orchestra.

In the Air Force Reserve, he is tasked with confirming aircraft landing and parking permission, operating the base’s alert systems and coordinating important information required to complete the 910th AW mission.

In the Cleveland Pops Orchestra, He’s tasked with marketing shows, leaving his door open to the public, enticing people to come see a show and assisting his president in any other matters needed for operating a show.

He works at Youngstown Air Reserve Station in a controlled area, but also works in a nonprofit orchestra open to the public.

Duniec takes pride in what he does, both for the Air Force and privately. The Pops Orchestra lets him impact and feel close to the community whereas the Reserve lets him impact and feel close to the nation. In both of his jobs he works closely with leadership where he learns the professionalism and mission scope skills he uses in his entrepreneurial enterprises.

Reserve duty allows service members to serve their country while exploring options outside the military such as higher education, family or civilian careers. Like Duniec, Many Reservists live two lives, one in uniform and one out of uniform, but the values learned in one often apply to the other. These dual paths make each Reservist unique, defining the term Reserve Citizen Airman.