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COVID-19: Important Information for Reserve Citizen Airmen

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  • Air Force Reserve Command


ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- In an effort to inform Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families with facts on COVID-19 effects, Air Force Reserve leaders encourage all to visit the Air Force’s COVID-19 web page for the latest on the virus and how it is effecting the service. The site contains the latest DoD and Air Force guidance, news, and links to helpful resources from the Centers for Disease Control, Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, travel advisories, frequently asked questions and answers, COVID-19 affected activities and gatherings, and health protection measures. Additional guidance for Reservists, to include Reserve-specific questions and answers, is available at the Air Reserve Personnel Center website,, at the Air Force Reserve website,, as well as the Air Force Reserve Facebook page.  

“My number one priority is to take care of our Reserve Citizen Airmen and families,” said Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, commander of Air Force Reserve Command. “I trust our commanders to make the right decisions at the local level to ensure safety of their people while balancing our national defense taskings and requirements.”

Reservists are encouraged to check their unit’s web page and social media sites regularly for specific, local information as well as reach out to unit leadership. Individual Reservists should stay in close contact with their chain of command and/or their RIO detachment when planning or scheduling training, duty days, or other travel orders.

The Air Force Reserve is committed to continuing mission essential operations, but leaders are aware the actions to prevent spread of COVID-19 will affect many activities. While the command has cancelled many Air Force Reserve-sponsored events and conferences, the Deputy Secretary of Defense stop movement order effective March 13 for all DoD personnel and families domestically will drive local commander decisions about UTA attendance.

“Force health protection is critical to our ability to accomplish the mission,” General Scobee added. “Local and base commanders are empowered to assess their community environments, work with local and state agencies, and make smart decisions affecting their Reserve Citizen Airmen, families and communities.”

Decisions on unit training assemblies, other unit-specific scheduling, and duty status decisions will be communicated through the chain of command and base websites, apps and social media, as they are made. Liberal excusal or reschedule policies or future ‘super’ four-day UTAs are a course of action a local commander can consider based on regional and local community guidance. Virtual options to continue required training and events are encouraged, as possible.

Members of the Air Force Reserve team who have the ability to telework (civilians) or telecommute (military) are encouraged to review, update or submit any required documentation and training, should your local unit consider telework/telecommute options.  As a reminder, Desktop Anywhere, which utilizes a user’s personal computer (Mac or Windows), a valid Air Force CAC, and installed software, is the Air Force Reserve’s preferred method for telework/telecommute. To download Desktop Anywhere, CAC into the Air Force Portal, type "Desktop Anywhere" in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner and carefully follow the detailed installation instructions.

Air Force Reserve leaders recommend Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families practice preventative hygiene and stay informed through  local agencies, chains of command and by following CDC, DoD and Force Health protection guidance. 

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The Department of the Air Force issued a stop movement of all personnel to, from or through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designated Level 3 COVID-19 locations effective March 13 and for the next 60 days following Secretary of Defense announcement of new travel restrictions.

(as of 8:49 p.m. Mar. 14, 2020)