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  • 910th pilot serves as bridge between Reserve, Congress

    Many little boys dream of being a pilot when they grow up. Many little boys dream of being in politics when they grow up. As adults, only a select few grow up to serve as aviators. Even fewer have the opportunity to serve in Congress. Maj. John Boccieri, a C-130 Hercules aircraft commander assigned

  • 910th Aerial Spray Squadron kills 'skeeters' in Williston

    A young woman sits outside at a picnic on a warm, summer night. She is enjoying the company of friends and good eats, as the sun sets in the picturesque backdrop. Suddenly, she feels a pinch on her arm. She glances down to see a mosquito enjoying itself on her blood supply. The rest of her night

  • 2009 'Thunder Over the Valley' Air Show and Open House approaches

    On a sweltering day in Youngstown, Ohio, a doe-eyed child clings to his mother's leg. The heat from the sun is radiating off of the flightline beneath his feet. She reaches down and cups her hands over his tiny ears while he intently studies the bright summer sky. Even though she is trying to block

  • Trailblaiser

    In the little city of Erie, Pa., the Burns family raised their nine kids. Although the children all followed their own paths in life, their first-born decided to start a path all her own.After high school, Maggie Blais, an Air Reserve Technician with Air Force Reserve Command's 910th Services