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Weekly iRest sessions offer Airmen restorative pause

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Juliet Louden
  • 910th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Many adults remember the days of designated quiet time in kindergarten. Even in a low stress environment where the biggest worries were memorizing shapes and colors, there was a chance to unwind and rest before getting back to learning.

As adults, demands add up and create high levels of stress at work and home. The 910th Airlift Wing recently introduced weekly iRest© sessions to alleviate stress and increase resiliency.

As attendees walk into the session they are greeted by the session facilitator. The participants then place a blanket on the floor and lay down. A soft voice from the facilitator starts the meditation. A 30-minute script is read that helps the participants relax the mind and body. The program is a body-centered, guided meditation and practice of deep listening.

“iRest is an opportunity for people to get away from the desk and take time on themselves,” said Shelly R. Trimble, 910th Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. “We often don’t spend enough time on ourselves. If we take time for ourselves, we can become more efficient at our jobs.”

Col. Joe Janik, 910th Airlift Wing vice commander, is an advocate and regular attendee of the iRest program.

“Our iRest session is another tool for our Airmen to help them decrease stress and become more resilient,” said Janik. “By devoting time for well-being, iRest will help increase energy levels so you can perform at your peak while accomplishing our mission.”

When spreading the word about iRest, Trimble touts its benefits.

“iRest has proven to help reduce stress, improve interpersonal relationships, increase energy levels, support overall well-being and increase restful sleep,” said Trimble. “It gives an individual what they need in that moment.”

iRest is available each Wednesday morning from 11-11:30 in Building 504 in the CE training room and is an approved use of fitness leave. Blankets are provided, but participants may want to bring a mat, pillow or eye cover.

“iRest helps in teaching your body to relax,” said Trimble. “It takes practice, and it may take several sessions before you feel the full effects of iRest.”

Janik has enjoyed the benefits of the first few sessions.

“I really enjoy it because iRest allows me to alleviate stress and to become reenergized,” said Janik. “It’s something I look forward to every Wednesday at 11 am.”